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  • Foot Massager
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    Foot massager can alternate between 4 pre-programmed massages and 3 different styled modes for total relaxation REMOTE CONTROL: Wireless remote controls power, speed, massage directions, and adjusts mode settings between automatic, personal, and manual MASSAGE MODES: Specifically target all areas of your feet through a variety of techniques including pulsing, kneading, and rolling COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Compact design allows for effortless storage and travel once your massage is complete Overall Dimensions: 22”(L) x 12”(W) x 10”(H)
  • Foot Massager Full
    Tk. 15000 Tk. 18500

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    he Foot Massager Uses Shiatsu, Kneading, Vibration, Rolling, And Heating To Relax And Soothe Your Feet. • Ergonomically Designed To Replicate Ancient Massage And Reflexology Therapies • Emulates The Techniques Used By Chiropractors And Massage Therapists • Multifunctional Features Including Shiatsu, Kneading, Vibration, Rolling, And Heating • Ergonomically Designed To Target The Sensitive Areas Of The Calves And Soles Of Feet • 8 Massage Discs For Feet And 4 Discs For Calves Providing 360 Degree Massage • Foot Massage And Calf Massage Can Work Separately Or Simultaneously • 3 Custom Modes Of Foot Massage, 3 Intensities Of Calf Massage And 3 Levels Of Heating • Controlled By A Handy Touch Panel On The Unit • Detachable Velour Fabric Foot Covers For Easy Cleaning Functions: • Activates Joints For Maximum Relaxation • Stimulates The Sensitive Points Of The Calf Region And Releases Tension Through Nerves In Your Feet • Simultaneously Provides Invigorating Massage To Feet, Ankles And Calves • Infrared Heat Physical Therapy Improves Metabolism And Blood Circulation • Massages Foot Muscles With Strong Kneading Action And Improves Circulation • Pressure Nodes Located Under Your Feet Stimulate The Reflex Points On The Soles Of Your Feet • A Great Way To Promote Healthy Blood Circulation. Perfect For Use During Manicures. Specifications: Power Supply: 110V 60Hz Power Assumption: 80 Watts Weight: 33lbs/15kg Dimensions: About 17.7x17.7x19.7inches/45x45x50cm Color: Silver
  • Dolphin Massager
    Tk. 1000 Tk. 1500

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    The scientific designed massager delivers strong therapeutic advantages to other massage devices by combining multiple physiotherapeutic functions Including far infrared, magnetic therapy and vibration massage AND THIS MASSAGER HAS A PULSING VIBRATION OPTION The therapeutic effects work at multiple muscle layers, enhance blood circulation, stimulating cell metabolism and enhances immune function Convenient easy to use, are light weight for small area massage Highly recommended by physiotherapists and pain treatment doctors