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  • AB Wheel
    Tk. 1200 Tk. 1800

    Item Code: Tk. abwheel12

    Availability: 9

    Wheel Dimension : 20 cm diameter Overall Length : 35 cm Disc Material : Molded plastic discs Rod Material : Heavy Duty Gym Quality Metal Steel rod with comfortable grips Wheel Pattern : As shown on Photos Support up to 400kg Free Knee Mat Gender : Unisex
  • Ab Wheel
    Tk. 1000 Tk. 1200

    Item Code: Tk. abwheel-10

    Availability: 3

    Get results fast without having to do time consuming and boring crunches Push your abdominal strength to the limit Develop functional and rock hard abs Help protect your back Firmer thighs, hips, and gluts Sculpts defines trims and tones waistline Toned arms and shoulders Tighter Chest Molded plastic disc smooth non-slip action wheels Steel rod with two comfortable grips Bonus knee pad Compact and portable Use almost anywhere: home, office, etc. Size Details: Wheel diameter: 14.5cm/5.7inch Overall Size: 22.5cm x 14.5cm/ 8.8inch x 5.7inch Package Included: 1 x Set of AB wheels 1 x Knee pad
  • Ab Wheel
    Tk. 650 Tk. 850

    Item Code: Tk. abwheel65

    Availability: 11

    1. Perfect for Crossfit workouts to help isolate your abdominal muscles. 2. This High Quality and Versatile Ab Wheel Is Portable, Convenient, Lightweight and Great For Travel 3. Two non-skid wheels and two no-slip foam grips provide stability and comfort for the wrists and hands 4. Essential for any home gym 5. Perfect for individuals of any skill and fitness level Feature : Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back with the Faswin ab wheel.
  • AB Slider
    Tk. 1100 Tk. 1800

    Item Code: Tk. abslider

    Availability: 8

    Roller Slide Material: PVC, PU, metal support frame Size(cm): 42x 26 x16 Targets muscles in the abs, shoulders, waist, and arms Feature: Can effectively exercise waist, abdomen and hip, arm muscle tissue and joints, and can strengthen your body, as an aid to weight loss! This product is improved and innovated on the basis of the single and double wheels, and the function is unchanged. There are great changes in performance; the first four-wheel support is more stable and easy to control, and the double-wheel type abdominal device uses the principle of spring rebound. When used, both knees are knees, and both hands hold the handle to push and pull forward, resulting in elasticity, automatic retraction, so that the movement has a certain flexibility; the structure is more precise and easy to carry. The perfect combination of function and structure, appearance and quality. It is a new revolution in the Abdominal Industry. 1, the use of the principle of spring rebound, four-wheel forward, spring elongated, resulting in elasticity; 2. The handle adopts foam material, which has the function of moisture absorption, so as to avoid problems caused by hand palm sweating and the slippery hand caused in sports. 3, this section of the bottom of the abdominal wheel is made of thick PU, sliding more stable and durable! 4, the handle part of the metal title frame, safe and reliable 5. The cover is made of silver-grey plastic material (acrylic) with beautiful appearance; 6, small footprint, abdominal exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere, very convenient
  • Figure Trimmer
    Tk. 550 Tk. 800

    Item Code: Tk. figuretrimmer

    Availability: 8

    The twisting motion effectively burns calories and combines the benefits of aerobic exercise with the benefits of reflexology The magnetic wave disc will massage and stimulate meridian points on the bottom of the feet and help promote good health Improves Your Balance and Build Body Shape waist trimmer waist twister disc Combines the principles of reflexology, exercise and magnetic therapy to produce an overall effective exercise system Twist Your Way to Slim Arms and Hips, Stimulates Blood Circulation;Massages the Feet
  • Ab Slimmer
    Tk. 1750 Tk. 2000

    Item Code: Tk. abslimmer

    Availability: 4

    Get those perfect abs in no time with the help of the Kamachi 1000 Ab Slimmer. Regular use of this product will be effective and will help you meet your fitness goals. The Kamachi 1000 Ab Slimmer comes in green and is made of premium quality sturdy material that can withstand a large amount of pressure. This product not only helps you to reduce tummy fat, which in turn helps to give you a good figure and keeps you healthy. Its maximum user weight capacity is 150 kg, making it ideal even for obese people. The bars of this equipment are well-padded to provide you an extra grip and comfort while working out. Moreover, it can be dismantled and stored away when it is not being used.
  • Revoflex Xtreme
    Tk. 1100 Tk. 1800

    Item Code: Tk. revoflex_xtreme

    Availability: 11

    The following muscle groups are activated with the Revoflex Extreme: * Abdominal muscles (upper, middle, bottom, and side) * Back muscles * Arm muscles * Shoulder muscles * Thigh muscles * Glutes How it works: The Revoflex Extreme takes advantage of the bi-directional power, allowing a more intense workout. Since the pressing forward an increased resistance is achieved by the elastics. When sliding back the built-up tension is then released slowly. This returns you easily to your starting position.
  • Figure Trimmer with Band
    Tk. 800 Tk. 1000

    Item Code: Tk. figure_trimmer_band

    Availability: 10

    Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Unique smooth pivoting motion allows you to work your lateral/abdominal muscles with ease Twist your figure back into shape Helps to slim the thighs, waist, and hips 4 magnet points on each foot for massage Can also be used as a Waist Exercise Twister Portable and easy to store or carry Suitable for all sizes, ages, men
  • Fitness Pumper
    Tk. 4300 Tk. 5400

    Item Code: Tk. fitness_pumper

    Availability: 10

    Product Description: The Fitness has three modes of exercise, works six muscle groups with varying degrees of intensity: upper thorax - arms and shoulders - biceps and triceps - abdomen - cellars, legs and ankles - back muscles. Made of high strength steel, it is compact and easy to assemble, having a cushion mount to accommodate your chest. Material / Composition: Carbon / ABS steel Weight: up to 120 Kg Worked areas: Upper chest - arms and shoulders - biceps and triceps - abdomen - cellars, legs and ankles - back muscles Brand: Approximate Product Dimensions (W x H x D): Not Entered by Supplier Approximate Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D): 28 x 57 x 23 cm
  • Vibro Shape Belt
    Tk. 1800 Tk. 2100

    Item Code: Tk. Vibro Shape Belt

    Availability: 7

    Fits waists 24″ to 55″ Oscillating massage mechanisms Variable bindings to provide a comfortable massage 5 control mode levels 5 high power options 5 low power options Auto and manual operations Powerful high-frequency motor Halogen light-wave to offer powerful permeation of heat Extent belt for overweight user in addition Vibro Shape belt VIBRO SHAPE BELT INSTRUCTIONS: – Use 2-3 times per day – Select 2-3 body area from legs area, arms area, back area, belly area per time – Use 10 minutes per area for protecting motor – Drink 200-500ml water after one-time performance – One hour after dinner to use (not use at once after dinner) Vibro Shape belt PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Belt 1x Power Adapter 1x Hand-held Control 1x Carry Bag 1x User Manual 1x Measuring Tape