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  • Sit Up Bench
    Tk. 7000 Tk. 7500

    Item Code: Tk. 102-4

    Availability: 3

    Brand : K POWER Origin : China Train your stomach, back & hips muscles ·Height: adjustable footerst ·Upholstered comfort backrest ·Foldable ·Load max: 100kg G.W. /N.W.: 14/12.7kgs
  • Six Pack Care
    Tk. 4400 Tk. 6000

    Item Code: Tk. Six pack care

    Availability: 10

    Ab Six Pack Care exercise bench is very useful to shape your abdominals. Abdominal exercises can strengthen your abs and reduce your waist. Designed to provide the best service with minimum space. Ab Six Pack Care exercise bench uses its rolls to provide a massage while you exercise and shape your body. You can also use the Ab Six Pack Care exercise bench to do press-ups work thanks to its central handles. image By used Ab Six Pack Care can also allow you to rest your head and neck comfortably while the rolls provide you with a light massage every time you exercise. This system is more than twice as effective as doing regular sit-ups on the floor.
  • Six Pack Care with Bike
    Tk. 5000 Tk. 6000

    Item Code: Tk. Six pack care x bike

    Availability: 9

    Latest Model with Multi-resistance Bike Max User Weight : 100KG 6 Soft Roller Foam with 2 Head Support Roller Foam Exercise could be done: Sit-ups, Push-ups, Cycling,Twisting,Bicep & Triceps Training. Very Sturdy
  • Ab Tower
    Tk. 9500 Tk. 15000

    Item Code: Tk. ab tower

    Availability: 10

    Draw-bar without fixing With this AB tower , no need to fix your draw-bar on a door dial (and damage it)! This weight training equipment allows you to perform the following exercises: 1.Supine (chin-up) traction for muscles of the biceps and dorsals 2.Pull-ups to pull back muscles (dorsal and big round). 3.Tight engagement traction to develop trapezius. All the exercises of traction allow to muscle the back and the shoulders even if certain types of tractions make more appeal to one muscular group than to another. AB Tower Roman chair dips bar Dips bar The repulsion parallel bars (also called "dips") is another must-strength exercises to the weight body to do at home. The Dips allows to work a large part of the muscles of the bust since they solicit the pectorals , the anterior deltoids , the triceps , the large dorsal , the trapezius and the abs to a lesser extent. This bodybuilding exercise can be quite difficult for beginners but with a little perseverance you will come to hoist yourself over the parallel bars. Muscle abdominals Everyone dreams of having well-troded abs. With this Roman chair, many variations of exercises allow the bodybuilding of abs : Raised legs stretched to strengthen the abs Raised knees for beginners (easier) Raised legs with rotation to strengthen the obliques The leg survey is an essential weight training exercise to build your upper body. *** The color of product may vary.
  • Home Gym K3001D
    Tk. 35000 Tk. 45000

    Item Code: Tk. K3001D

    Availability: 3

    Brand : K-Power Model : K-3001D Description : Multi exercise home gym, Providing up to 100lbs resistance, Helps to tone up and increase your strength & muscle mass, Increase your metabolic rate. Training your shoulders, breast, back, legs, abdomen and arms Features : ·Butterfly press ·Lateral pull down ·Chest press ·Leg extension & leg press ·Seated & upright row ·Pulley with cover and bearing ·Preacher curl pad ·Max load: 120kgs
  • Wall Mount Chin Up Bar
    Tk. 1500 Tk. 2400

    Item Code: Tk. Pull Up-1850

    Availability: 47

    Can withstand weight up to 200kgs Ideal for pull ups, chin up, abs raises and more Built with hi-grade quality steel Coated with non-slip powder coating Padded with 2 hand grips What's in the box: 1 x Pull Up Bar1 x Installation Manual1 x Hardware for mounting General Features: Size (L x W x H) 36.5*20*24 inch Weight 4.2 kg
  • Push Up Stand Curved
    Tk. 600 Tk. 700

    Item Code: Tk. push_up_stand_curved

    Availability: 8

    Brand : Ninja Chromed steel tube, NBR foam grip and PP non-slip end cap. Designed with anti-slip feet. They will stay in place so you can focus on your exercise. Soft and comfortable with foam grips. Push-ups target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles. Designed to improve your positioning for pushups.
  • Rotating Push Up Grips
    Tk. 1500 Tk. 2100

    Item Code: Tk. rotating_push_up_stand

    Availability: 8

    Pushup Pro puts a perfect touch to the formation of iron. Push Up Pro has rotating grips by the arms and shoulders to get in shape faster and naturally. Selective muscle training increases strength and stamina to perfection without strain on wrists and joints when using Push Up Pro. Pushup Pro strengthens and tones chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs fast! Push Up Pro provides the ultimate upper body workout! Pushup Pro is portable and works on any floor surface-Ideal for home, office and travel. Pushup Pro is a must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Jack Zatorski, the world record holder of Push-ups recommends Pushup Pro. If you and Apos; Re 8 or 80, beginner, advanced, or an expert in doing pushups, Pushup Pro is for you. Pushup Pro Features: The Ultimate Upper Body Workout Rotating Push-Up Grips Ideal for All Levels Strengthens and Tones Arms, Back, Sholders, ABS Portable and Lightweight
  • Doorway Chin Up Bar
    Tk. 2200 Tk. 2800

    Item Code: Tk. doorway_chinup

    Availability: 7

    Home Pull up bars are great for developing back and arm muscles, particularly biceps and forearms and our professional exercise bar provides maximum durability. It is made of high grade steel for maximum durability, while our comfort grips provide the greatest degree of comfort. This bar can be used with and ideal for the most popular extreme workouts available or even regular strength training to help you build and tone your muscles. Works best on your back, chest, shoulders, arms, shoulders and abdominal compound muscles This portable, multi-function chin up bar is an inexpensive and easy way to tone up your muscles and get that beach body you always wanted. NEW Door Frame protection FEATURE This new feature will protect your door frame from any scratches, impression marks and cracks by including a uniquely designed removable foam covering for the bar that will be touching the door frame thus protecting it from damages, to use the protective foam you need to first remove the removable hand grip that comes installed on the bar then placing the protective foam in its place. Maximum weight: 300 pounds (with sturdy door trim) Use the bars the pros use.
  • Ab King Pro
    Tk. 4999 Tk. 6500

    Item Code: Tk. ab_king_pro

    Availability: 4

    Target Area : Upper Abs, Middle Abs, Lower Abs. Just three minutes workout a day will tone your abs and help loose weight. Amazing 200 degree range of motion. I Adjustable Multilevel resistance, for different levels of fitness Easy to assemble & store for quick storage. The Ab King Pro offers proper neck and back support, keeping you in perfect form. I Fully adjustable sturdy frame, thick padding for superior support and a rolling wheel action.Can take weight up to 120 kgs approx.
  • Pull Up Dip Bar
    Tk. 4500 Tk. 7800

    Item Code: Tk. pull up dip bar

    Availability: 6

    Package Contents: 1 - Pull up bar 4 - Wall fittings 8 - Screws and rawlplugs(10mm) 1 - Manual Machine dimensions: Pull up bar - 60cm from wall Pull up bar - 110cm length Parallel - 70cm from wall Between parallel - 55cm User Maximum Weight: 200 KG
  • Doorway Chin Up Bar
    Tk. 1500 Tk. 1850

    Item Code: Tk. doorway chin up bar adjustable width

    Availability: 20

    Doorway Home Pull Up or Chin-Up Bar with Comfort Grips Generous & Adjustable Length Suitable for 62-100 cm Doorway Suitable for Door-frame Pull Up Station for Sit-ups and Crunches too COMFORT OF A GYM AT HOME Gift the fitness lover in you a mini gym at home! Build your arms, chest, core & back using our dip bar. Make our pull up bar a part of your fitness routine and get strong faster! ONE HOME BAR- MULTIPLE USES - Use it for pull ups, chin ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches. - More variations can be added as you gain more strength! - Can be used without door mounts for light exercises like sit up foot support. - Use indoors or outdoors – pull up bar can be easily unmounted from the door frame for easy re-positioning. - Needs minimal space to do highly effective exercises. EASY INSTALLATION - Simply screw on the rubber limits to the door frame. - Turn the bar clockwise until its ends start pressing tightly against the frame of the door. - Comes with two kinds of door mounts- Heavy-duty door mount mounts can withstand up to 100 kg Length can be adjusted to fit 62-100 cm doorways DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL Built with heavy duty chrome- steel bar and multiple screw in mounts to provide extra safety & stability, while also giving you the flexibility to move the bar to different heights FIRM GRIP & COMFORT Non-slip foam grips provide a firm grip while also giving your hands extra comfort. Reduces the pressure on hands and prevents hand fatigue. LONG LASTING BUILT Our Pull up bar is made with the best quality material with heavy duty design features that will last for years to come!
  • Dip Bar
    Tk. 4400 Tk. 5000

    Item Code: Tk. dip bar

    Availability: -9

    Length: 37 inch 38 mm handles provide better grip and are kinder to your wrists. Fully collapsible. 50 x 50 mm feet – the most stable parallettes on the market. Powder coated black. Quality and hard-wearing steel construction Suitable for home and commercial use Great for calisthenics, street workout and CrossFit Now includes non-slip rubber feet.
  • Weight Bench Flat Decline Incline Foldable
    Tk. 5500 Tk. 7000

    Item Code: Tk. foldable weight bench

    Availability: 20

    1. This weight bench is the ultimate in all round free weight and bench workouts. 2. This bench offers high quality steel and paint work and has rubber feet to keep the metal frame from damaging flooring and to keep the bench in place. 3. Easy adjustment of back rest and seat. Adopt to most squat racks, cages and Smith Machines. 4. This bench is made to take as much as you can give it and is the ultimate bench for a complete workout! Solid, compact and effective. 5.Weight Bench is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come. Function: Industrial graded thickened steel, accompanied by superb welding technique to ensure its stability and durability. The use of water-resistant PU leather, for a crack-prove no-peel quality bench. Max Height = 41 inches. Fit just enough for the bench press as well as dumbbell rowing. ►Max Weight Capacity: 330 LBS ►Special Features: Foldable ; Non-Slip Foot Cover ; Non-Slip Full Foam Cotton ►Incline Positions: 7 Back Pad Position ►User Height : Up to 6'
  • Weight Bench Flat Decline Incline Leg Curl
    Tk. 8200 Tk. 9500

    Item Code: Tk. Weight Bench Flat Decline Incline Leg Curl

    Availability: 10

    Why use multifunctional folding weight bench? 1. The weight bench can perform anaerobic exercises in the sitting, prone, supine, and reclining states. It has irreplaceable auxiliary functions for shoulders, arms, back, chest, and legs, which are difficult to exercise. 2. The supine board has a single function and there is a wrong angle of doing dumbbell movements on the supine board, which will cause muscle discomfort and even muscle damage. Use weight bench to perform standard exercise moves to control body fat and shape. 3. Multiple fitness modes: Priest chair curl, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell curl, dumbbell rowing, dumbbell bird, sit-ups, kick training, Hook foot training, high-level push-ups, auxiliary training with tension rope, alternate bending of arms flexion and extension, push up chest, Push your chest obliquely, 90 ° vertical shoulder lift, back up, etc. Product Name: Multifunctional folding weight bench Material: High quality steel / High quality foam Bearing capacity: 770lbs Total measurement: 42*125*47CM (16.5″*49.2″*18.5″) product weight: 44lbs Note: This product does not contain dumbbells and barbell. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. STRENGTH TRAINING: The multifunctional weight bench can perform anaerobic exercises in the sitting, prone, supine, and reclining states. It has irreplaceable auxiliary functions for shoulders, arms, back, chest, and legs, which are difficult to exercise. Use weight bench to perform standard exercise moves to control body fat and shape. FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The backrest of the weightlifting bed can be adjusted to 8 levels, the thickened cushion can be adjusted to 4 levels, and the priest pad and hook feet can also be adjusted to multiple levels. This is an all-round adjustable function that no other product has, therefore it is suitable for most people. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of durable stainless steel, this sturdy weight bench can carry a maximum weight of 770lb. Durable waterproof and oil resistant 2-inch thick PU material. Thickened bold steel pipe, stable and not shaking. With sturdy non-slip footing for extra safety. FOLDABLE: This state of the art versatility weight bench is specially designed for weight training. The folded size is only 80*40*50cm (31.4″* 15.7″* 19.6″), you can put it anywhere.
  • Commercial Weight Bench Flat Incline Decline
    Tk. 13000 Tk. 19000

    Item Code: Tk. Finer form weight bench

    Availability: 10

    8 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: Use this weight bench for Flat, Decline, Incline or Upright fitness exercises. Workout bench adjusts to angles of -15 declines, 0 degree flat setting, then 15, 30, 45, 60 and 72 degree inclines for your comfort STABLE AND STRONGLY BUILT FOR HEAVY WORKOUTS: Semi-Commercial grade with a 1000 lb. maximum weight, so you can handle workouts from bench press to heavy declines. Won’t shake or wobble during. Perfect for your dumbbell set, power rack and home gym. 2.55-INCH PADS FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Covered with three inches of comfortable cushion and strong synthetic leather, this bench will be the superstar equipment of your home gym and hold up to serious bench press and weight-lifting regimens. CONVENIENT WHEELS FOR EASY MOVEMENT AND STORAGE: Lift and move the bench at will with convenient wheels attached at the base. Roll the bench in and out for workouts when you need, then put it out of the way when finished. It’s exercise equipment that works for your space. ONLY 15 MINUTES TO ASSEMBLE: This simple piece of home gym equipment goes together simply and easily. Takes only fifteen minutes to get your exercise equipment up and running.
  • Adjustable Folding Weight Bench
    Tk. 9400 Tk. 12000

    Item Code: Tk. weight bench with rack

    Availability: 10

    DURABLE COMPOSITION: Made of faux leather and a powder-coated steel frame with sturdy non-slip rubber feet, this padded bench holds up to 330 pounds while helping provide a comfortable workout for years to come HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Achieve a quality upper body workout by utilizing 3 different height setups that cater to various workouts and comfort for those with long arms, short arms, or lengths in between INCLINE/DECLINE CAPABILITY: Set your bench parallel to the ground to lay flat for the perfect bench press, or adjust the front leg to create an incline bench for additional workouts; keep your feet secure during sit-up sets with the foot strap EASY TO STORE: This space-saving, multipurpose bench easily folds down by its front leg and head of the bench, so you can store it in compact spaces such as your closet or garage after use VERSATILE HOME GYM: Ideal for personal training and even a home gym, this bench contributes to a variety of workouts such as bench press and squats, step-ups, elevated push-ups, and more; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 47.5"(L) x 28"(W) x 34-41.25"(H); Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Pull Up Dip AB Tower
    Tk. 13000 Tk. 17000

    Item Code: Tk. ab tower heavy

    Availability: 10

    68.8-92.5inch adjustable height, 7 levels It is solid enough to hold 1000lbs Comes with necessary nuts and bolts to assemble The dimensions of the base (Wx L) when fully assembled is 33.4x42.2 inch, more stable Made of steel alloy with power coated, it is sturdy and whole family can use it